The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers  for May 22-26 promise a week when two prominent families fall apart and a newlywed couple experience the ups and downs of married life.

After months of agonizing over her love life, Brooke  is finally settling down. Deep down she knows marrying Bill  was the right call. He loves her more than anyone has in her entire life.

It looks like Thomas  is on his way out the door at Forrester Creations. Siding with Sally has Ridge in a fit of rage, and he fires Thomas on the spot.

It’s a shocking moment and Thomas doesn’t know what to do next. He loves Sally but his promising future seems to be going down the tubes.

When Sally finds out, her guilt becomes overwhelming. Thomas not only lost his job but the respect of his family for standing by her side. Hopefully, they can get over their bad blood or it could be the end of their relationship.

There’s one person who’s not upset by the recent upheaval. With Thomas out, that means Zende  finally gets what he wants. His promotion has him riding high as he showcases his talent as more than just a photographer.

Unfortunately, his good cheer won’t last long. He and Nicole are facing terrible news in their personal life when they find out Lizzy was her only chance for a child. Nicole takes the news hard, and it causes something inside her to snap.

To make things worse, Nicole is charged with caring for Lizzy all week and having her only child in her arms changes something inside her. All her unresolved feelings are coming to the surface and it could mean the breakdown of the Avant family.

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.


The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Recap 22-26 May 2017

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