As you unquestionably know, Selena Gomez has been impractically connected to The Weeknd as far back as they were captured making out a week ago. Obviously, this sentiment created some contention as it was accounted for that the False Alarm artist’s ex Bella Hadid felt double-crossed by Selly G for moving in on the hitmaker.

Presently, it appears as though another previous fire is ringing in on the greater part of the dramz. Correct, Justin Bieber’s apparently given his two pennies on the matter.

As indicated by TMZ, sources near the vocalist guarantee the Baby crooner thinks Miz Gomez is utilizing The Weeknd for advancement. Obviously, Selena and Abel (The Weeknd’s genuine name) are chipping away at new music together. It’s trusted the previous tyke star’s M.O. is to date the stars she needs to team up with.

That is to say, her reputation sort of backings this hypothesis as she’s been connected to Zedd, Nick Jonas, the Biebs, and numerous different performers. Also, the 24-year-old IS back in the studio nowadays.

Be that as it may, who REALLY minds? This is Hollywood, everybody’s attempting to organize!

Despite the fact that, we can’t generally trust Justin’s assessment with regards to Selena as it seems like he’s never genuinely gotten over her.

What do YOU think? Is Selena quite recently utilizing The Weeknd?


Justin Bieber Reportedly Thinks Selena Gomez Is ‘Using’ The Weeknd

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