The Australian performing artist will go up against the part of Robin Hood's Maid Marion in a turn off solo film 

In The Year of Our Lord 2017 A.D do we truly require another Robin Hood film? The appropriate response is: Hell-fucking-no. So in some capacity it's somewhat of a help to see another interpretation of the legend of Robin Hood (who is just old stories individuals – it's not been demonstrated that he existed) with Margot Robbie taking up the mantle of Maid Marion. 

The film, just titled Marion, will be based around the occasions after the passing of Robin of Loxley. As indicated by The Hollywood Reporter, Marion will lead her own particular band of Merry Men, going up against the mantle of Robin Hood all the while, in a battle to spare the Kingdom. 

This won't be the first run through an Australian has needed to go up against the part of a criminal society legend, Russell Crowe did it in Ridley Scott's film adjustment of Robin Hood. 

Robbie herself will follow in the strides of Hollywood legends, for example, Olivia de Havilland, Uma Thurman, Audrey Hepburn and Cate Blanchett, every one of whom have played Maid Marion. 

She's likewise set to repeat her part as Harley Quinn from a year ago's abundantly mocked Suicide Squad in Gotham City Sirens. Let's be honest her and Will Smith were about the main great things to leave that auto collision of-a-motion picture. 

Robbie is right now taping I, Tonya a biopic on the notorious ice skater who paid somebody to assault her opponent Nancy Kerrigan. 

Likewise for any of you fellows as yet pining for ANOTHER Robin Hood film, there's one turning out next March featuring Taron Egerton as the popular fugitive nearby Jamie Dornan (he of 50 Shades Of Gray), Jamie Foxx and Ben Mendelsohn.


Margot Robbie’s New Role Will Change The Way You See This Childhood Classic

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