As we revealed, Kim Kardashian West is in the Big Apple this week to give her declaration to French specialists as they examine the very broadcasted October heist in Paris that left the truth star without a huge number of dollars worth of adornments. 1

On Thursday, the chase for the thieves proceeded.

A source tells People:

“Kim spent a second day with Paris investigators for her robbery case. It’s mentally exhausting for her to rehash all the details of that awful morning, but she wants the people responsible to get punished.”


“The robbery was traumatizing for Kim. Even months later, it still affects her every day life. She wants to get some kind of closure. Kim is returning to LA Friday afternoon. She can’t wait to get back to L.A.”

While we’re certain this procedure candidly depleting for Kimmie, ideally equity will be served at last!

Furthermore, at any rate she didn’t need to go the distance back to Paris to talk with the judge!


‘Rationally Exhausted’ Kim Kardashian Is DETERMINED For Justice To Be Served!

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