Hailey Baldwin either made an immediate burrow at Selena Gomez or is recently absolutely confused…

As you without a doubt know, Selly G stood out as truly newsworthy back in January when she was found making out with The Weeknd just a modest bunch of months after he bailed with her buddy Bella Hadid. The supermodel obviously isn’t fed about the maturing sentiment as she gave a center finger salute to the paparazzi back when the news first broke about her ex and the previous Disney dear!

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While some have gotten out the 24-year-old for not taking after the young lady code, others have shielded that Selena and Bella were never truly close in any case. Gracious, and bear in mind, the False Alarm vocalist and the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show vet have been over since November!

Well Hailey has seemed to have said something regarding the issue as she took to Twitter on Tuesday and posted:

Goodness snap! It likely doesn’t help that Miz Baldwin and the Hands To Myself craftsman share one extremely dubious ex *cough* Justin Bieber *cough*. Likely, the up-and-comer isn’t the BIGGEST aficionado of Gomez’s.

In any case, Stephen Baldwin’s girl could simply be complimenting the 20-year-old’s video (above)? Well… .

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Shade Or No Shade? Hailey Baldwin Appears To Side With Bella Hadid Over Selena Gomez!

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