As we let you know yesterday, a few suspects were formally charged in association with the truth star’s Paris theft — and now we’re learning experts have added SIX individuals to that rundown.

Buzzfeed News reports the new charges incorporate hijacking, connivance, fraud, ownership of false archives, ownership of ammo, and ownership of a Kalashnikov submachine weapon. Yowser!

The outlet names the suspects as: Aomar A., 60; Pierre B., 72; Didier D., 61; François D., 54; A Harminy, 29; and Christiane G., 70.

The prosecutor’s office representative Agnes Thibault-Lecuivre told the outlet of the employment well done by a first class police constrain:

“The six indictments occurred after remarkable work by the Banditry Brigade.”

We’re upbeat to see equity being served!

We’ll update you as often as possible as more advance is presented in the defense.


Six More Suspects Charged In Connection To Kim Kardashian’s Paris Robbery!

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