Billy Flynn Attacks Hater Who Bashed Marci Miller’s Appearance | Days of our Lives Spoilers

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Days of Our Lives spoilers uncover that Marci Miller isn’t going anyplace. Despite the fact that most fans have grasped the new Abigail, there are a couple of that can’t get over the recast. Mill operator has been subjected to trolls retching their venom via web-based networking media. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you are one of them, Billy Flynn has a notice for you.


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  • brenda block

    yes i Think it was great that Billy Flynn attack her haters cause people shouldnt be like that she is a beautful woman and she is a good actress and people should have better things to do that hate its a soap opera and its not real they all have their own lives off the show and I Love watching days and love everyone on the show I Love Billy ,Sonny Will ,the best Love others that are on the show its a wonderful soap opera and has always been number 1 in my book and always will be I Think Billy did a great job on telling the haters how he feels.

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