Emmerdale spoilers: 31 July-4 August 2017

Monday 31st July

Lawrence plans to reveal to Chrissie reality about Tim. Be that as it may, before he can, Lachlan grabs Tim! Additionally, Aaron makes his arrival to the town and Robert is soon beseeching him for another possibility. Somewhere else, Laurel tries to get data out of Finn.

Tuesday first August

Lachlan discloses to Lawrence that Tim is not any more an issue as he and Ronnie get ready to move to St Ives. Aaron meets Zak for a mystery meeting, leaving Adam stressed for his companion. Likewise, Sam asks Lydia out on the town.

Wednesday second August

Lawrence lies in a basic condition in doctor’s facility, and Chrissie is not a single where in sight! Robert is worried for Aaron when he spots his previous collaborate with a bruised eye. What was the deal?

Thursday third August

Tree declines to surrender. Emma arrives home to discover the police sitting tight for her. What has Laurel done? Additionally, Aaron makes it clear that he doesn’t need Robert in his life and Debbie’s snooping causes disturb for one villager!

Friday fourth August

Allegations fly amongst Laurel and Emma. Rebecca fears Home Farm is being focused on and requests the security frameworks to be checks. Likewise, Eric makes a special effort to inspire Faith…


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