LeBron James Is The COOLEST DAD EVER! Coaches Bronny’s Team In Vegas!

LeBron James spent the previous week in Las Vegas working out with Derrick Rose and Eric Bledsoe. He likewise gave his best attempt at training.

While LeBron’s 12-year-old child, LeBron James Jr., was rivaling his AAU group in the Adidas Uprising occasion, LeBron assumed control instructing for a diversion. What’s more, well, he was considering the new gig important.

The Overtime YouTube channel set up together features of LeBron Jr’s. diversion with the North Coast Blue Chips against the Oakland Soldiers. As Overtime put it, they were amazed LeBron didn’t get hit with a specialized. He was all over. In an alternate amusement, James even went onto the court to adjust a scoring mistake.

Regardless of LeBron’s instructing endeavors, his child’s group wound up losing to the Oakland Soldiers, 54-51.


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