Next on The Bold and the Beautiful 3-12-2018

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Monday, March 12 focus on the fight for power at Spencer and Sheila’s shocking surprise for Ridge!

While Bill struggles to stay alive, things at his office quickly become utter chaos. The press is all over the scandalous event, and his staff is reaching their witts end.

To make things worse, no one knows who should take over. Justin was primed to be next in line, but the paperwork went unsigned. Legally, it’s Wyatt’s turn to have a shot, but everyone knows Bill would lose his mind if his son takes the throne.

The confrontation turns into an all-out war. Justin refuses to back down but Wyatt stands his ground. Spencer Publications is Wyatt’s birthright, and he vows to fight for what’s his unless and until a judge says otherwise! Watch the video for more !!!

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