Next on The Bold and the Beautiful 3-14-2018

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday, March 14 promise a day when Steffy and Hope come to a strange agreement and an old face shakes things up!

Liam’s shocking behavior towards his ailing father has Steffy and Hope on high alert. There’s a lot of bad blood in the family and conflicting feelings threaten to bubble over. It’s clear it won’t take long for Liam to crack and completely fall apart.

Hope and Steffy may not like each other but they agree to put Liam first and let the cards fall how they may at least for now. Their top priority must be his emotional health. Their joint goal is to get him through these trying times with the least amount of scars on his heart.

Having a common mission brings the stepsisters closer, and for the first time, they start to see eye to eye. Liam is the love of both their lives and they’ve fought over him for way too long. Watch the video for more !!!

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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers : Katie has a crazy idea


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