Next on The Bold and the Beautiful 3-7-2018

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday, March 7 promise a troubling day for Dollar Bill!  Bill has a lot on his plate. His sons turned against him, the woman he wants just rejected him, and he’s at war with his ex-wife.

All the while, he’s trying to rebuild his reputation, erect a skyscraper and defeat each and every one of his enemies. It’s a lot one man to tackle. Bill’s life remains disorganized, busy, and hard to handle, and not surprisingly it’s about to get even more complicated!

The Spencer powerhouse may see himself as top-dog, but he turned himself into a joke.He messed with too many lives and now he will pay the price. Karma calls and it won’t be pretty.

Bill’s life will never be the same as his world turns upside down and he’s knocked down one too many pegs. It’s a twist no one saw coming and no one will ever forget.So many people have a bone to pick with Bill, so it’s anybody’s guess as to who shows up at his door hellbent on revenge! Watch the video for more !!!

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