Next on The Bold and the Beautiful 4-18-2018

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday, April 18 promise Bill agreeing to be agreeable but his loyalty may not last forever!

Bill’s fury over his attack is completely understandable but Steffy hopes they can come to an agreement that’ll serve the greater good. Putting her mom behind bars will only drive a further wedge in the family and she begs him to reconsider.

True to his word, Bill gives Steffy exactly what she wants. However, fulfilling her request won’t come without consequences. Dollar Bill never gives anything away for free.

His promise will cost her dearly, it’s just a matter of how much she’s willing to give to ensure her mother’s freedom.Loyalty is the name of the game and everyone knows Bill’s not the most honorable man. He’ll turn on her at a moments notice and burn every single bridge along the way.

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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers:A Deal With the Devil


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