Next on The Bold and the Beautiful 7-31-2018

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful 7-31-2018 reveal Ridge and Bill going all-out to get what they want. The thought of Bill marrying Steffy makes Ridge sick to his stomach.

It’s a decision he simply won’t accept, and he will do whatever it takes to stop the wedding. Since going after Bill didn’t work, Ridge tries to enlist Liam to make things right… but will Liam even want Steffy back?

Liam is pretty sore about the whole ordeal. Sure, he betrayed Steffy, but her reaction is over the top.Seeing Steffy with his father is his worst nightmare, and he’s not sure he can forgive, forget, or beg to come home. However, he does have Kelly to think about. Getting Steffy back also means getting Kelly away from his devilish dad.

The Bold and the Beautiful 7-31-2018 – New Episode Spoilers and News

Spoilers say Bill gives those men a run for their money. He plans some huge gestures and elaborate schemes to keep Steffy wanting more.He made a lot of promises about her future and he intends to keep every single one… starting with taking care of the baby.

Bill has commissioned a gorgeous nursery, and he has big plans for his future stepdaughter. He vowed to take care of Kelly like his very own (which shouldn’t be hard, since she is also his granddaughter), and give her the best life possible.

His sweet gesture may just be enough to sway Steffy in his favor. Of course, if sweet talk and loving gifts aren’t enough, Bill has a few more tricks up his sleeve. He wants Steffy to be his wife, and he is determined to get her down the aisle… no matter what it takes. Watch the video for more.

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