Bold and Beautiful Spoilers : Taylor’s return will ruin Hope’s wedding and Liam

Taylor’s return will ruin Hope’s wedding and Liam : Liam and Steffy coming to an important decision.Whether either of them like it or not and clearly, they still have mixed feelings about it Steffy and Liam are no more. This is in no small part thanks to Steffy removing herself from the equation, leaving the field clear for Liam to be with Hope.

But there’s still the matter of baby Kelly… and as Liam said to Dollar Bill, he promises to be a better father to his children that Bill ever was to him.

So, while we see Liam and Steffy reminisce about all the good times on Monday and no matter what Steffy says, she kept that picture of the two of them together because she still has feelings for him they will ultimately come to a decision that will work out best for their daughter.

New Episode Spoilers and News – Taylor’s return will ruin Hope’s wedding and Liam

Wyatt knows, perhaps better than anyone, that Liam’s love life has been a mess for as long as he can remember. While he understands why Liam is eager to get Hope to the altar seeing as how she’s in the family way and all he also believes that Liam needs to pump the brakes a little for a few reasons.

First, of course, is the fact that rushing from one marriage to another is never a good idea.However, the second and bigger reason is the fact that Steffy may not be ready to let Liam go quite yet.

If Liam marries Hope, only to realize it’s a mistake, there will be heartache all around not to mention two kids from two different women that won’t know which end is up.

But wait! It’s not just Liam that has his own set of drama. It turns out that Hope has some news of her own. When she drops the bombshell, it will get very different reactions from Brooke and Ridge just when they were getting it together, too.

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