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The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Liam will continue to be caught in a mess. He’s currently with Hope, but that’s only because Bill deceived him. Of course, Liam has always been one to bolt when things get tough. He’s not a big fan of sticking with one woman for too long.

Bill feels like he’s the real man Steffy needs, but is that true? Scott Clifton recently weighed in via Twitter. He had some interesting thoughts on who Steffy should end up with. Clifton kicked things off by quoting a tweet about Liam’s view on love. It suggested that Liam doesn’t truly know what that is. Liam likes the idea of love and commitment, but he can’t move past his childlike interpretation.

“Agreed,” Clifton said. “This is how I have to justify many of his choices.” Some Bold and the Beautiful fans sent tweets asking for more details. One B&B viewer wondered if Bill was right about Liam being a boy and Steffy needing a man. Clifton decided to tackle that topic and clear up his perspective. Watch the video for more.

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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Does Steffy Belong with Liam or Bill ?


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