Next on The Bold and the Beautiful 7-24-2018

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful 7-24-2018 Steffy just gave birth to Liam’s daughter Kelly. Before he had a second to adjust to the new daddy glow, his ex Hope surprised him with the announcement that she’s carrying his child.

What’s the guy to do next remarry Steffy or leave her and their daughter Kelly to wed Hope? It’s a tough decision, especially since each woman is right for Liam. Of course, now that Liam went rogue and kissed Hope, Steffy is on a warpath, but it’s clear she still loves Liam.

Liam and Steffy spent her entire pregnancy apart thanks to Bill’s manipulations. Kelly’s birth brought them back together. The couple kissed, made up, and settled into happy family life. They’ve easily settled into being loving doting parents. They’re finally happy and should stay together.

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Bill has made no secret of the fact that he wants his son’s wife for himself.Steffy has been rebuffing Bill for months, but if she ends up a single mother she could run to Bill to spite Liam. And we know He would never want his daughter raised in the same home as his unscrupulous dad. To ensure that doesn’t happen, he needs to stay with Steffy.

If not for Steffy and Bill’s machinations years ago, Liam and Hope would already be married and probably have a couple of kids by now.They share a pure, honest love. The pair finally have a chance to reclaim the life they once dreamed about. They should embrace it and each other with open arms.

The Bold and the Beautiful 7-24-2018

Liam wasn’t by Steffy’s side throughout her pregnancy. He now has the chance to be by Hope’s side through every minute of it, and that’s something he might want to experience as a dad. But, let’s remember, He is a man who can never seem to make up his mind what he wants. Watch the video for more.

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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers : Liam Made a Huge Mistake


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