The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers : Steffy Shocking Drama Ridge

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers Steffy Shocking Drama Ridge. Next week’s episode of the CBS soap promise that things are back to their fractious routine after the lovely if chaotic Lope wedding. It’s been a while since we’ve had a good old fashioned catfight on a daytime drama.

Why these soaptastic spectacles went the way of shoulder pads and big hair is a mystery wrapped in a riddle surrounded by an enigma. But seeing old-time but eternally radiant enemies Taylor and Brooke throwing Lope’s wedding cake at each other was soapy fun, am I right ?

But I digress; next week the usual high drama and sneaky suspense kicks back into the lives of the Forrester and Spencer families. Katie and Bill are building up to a battle over Will. Egged on by Thorne, Katie has a big decisions to make about Bill’s non-parenting style; will he live to regret putting work above family ?

Bold And Beautiful Spoilers : Steffy Shocking Drama Ridge

Wait a minute, never count out Dollar Bill. Expect some major pushback from The Stallion if Khorne continue the madness that entails taking on Bill Spencer.

In the design world, that minx Zoe can’t keep her mitts off Xander. The Brimerican is in for a mighty emotional conflict as the war between lovelies Emma and Zoe heats up. Could this love triangle be the latest hot B&B ménage-a-trois going forward as Lope is now happily married and. Steffy is intent on conquering the business world with her lingerie line?

Bill is back in the picture and wants to put forth the effort to be the kind of dad that Will needs. The only problem is that this is Bill, and he doesn’t really know how to be a dad to a young kid. To Bill, fatherhood has always been about building an empire to pass on to his children, not about actually connecting with his kids.

And then there’s Thorne, who is a more hands-on type of role model for Will. Thorne sees that Will is rejecting Bill, but instead of stepping in to help, B&B spoilers say that Thorne’s going to push Katie to seek full legal custody of Will. Katie will have mixed feelings about the idea. Thorne’s going to remain keen on the idea of full custody.

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS. You should not miss this amazing and breathtaking episode. Do not forget to share !!!


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