The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers : Bill Crushed Rejected By Will

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Bill Crushed Rejected By Will : Steffy showing her new business plan to the Forrester team. There’s tons of drama in Los Angeles already, and more is definitely coming! Now that Steffy has made up her mind about the Liam and Hope situation, she’s channeling her heartbreak into business.

Since she’s now the one in charge, thanks to Dollar Bill’s generosity, she presents her new business plan to the team at Forrester Creations. Steffy has been successful at Forrester Creations in the past, considering she’s a Forrester, but even if the team doesn’t accept the new direction, Steffy’s in charge, and she’ll do whatever it takes to get her way.

Like it or not, changes are coming to FC and everyone needs to get in line or Steffy may eat them for lunch.Bill wouldn’t be the Bill we know and love to hate if he didn’t have a victim to prey upon.Now that he doesn’t have Steffy or Liam in his grasp anymore, he turns his attention to his ex-wife, Katie.

bold and the beautiful spoilers – Bill Crushed Rejected By Will

For all their passions, Bill and Katie also have a load of past issues. In a conversation about their son Will, all of those issues come bubbling to the surface. We’re definitely going to be here a while. What’s more, Bill and Thorne butt heads when he interrupts Bill and Katie during their little convo.

Bill reveals that he wants to reconnect with Will, his youngest son, which is the perfect entree for Finnegan George to join the cast in the role of Will. Could the child be his next, unwitting victim?

Bill is in for a rude awakening. After months of obsessing over Steffy and alienating Liam and Wyatt, Bill’s going to feel that it’s time to spend time with his other son, Will. And it’s about time.

As Liam recently pointed out, it’s been quite a while since Bill paid any attention whatsoever to Will. Katie has basically been raising Will on her own. Of course, Bill pays generous child support, but Katie’s actually been the one nurturing Will and acting as a hands-on parent. Thorne’s also been spending a lot of time with Will now that he and Katie are an item. Watch the video for more.

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS. You should not miss this amazing and breathtaking episode. Do not forget to share !!!


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