The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers for April 1-5 Next Week

Speaking of sparks, Bill and Katie grow closer, as well. What starts as set up ends up as serious family time and their son could not be happier. Pretty soon they will have to decide exactly what they want. Will they try again or walk away from this romance forever?

B&B Spoilers: Furious Brooke Logan Takes on Rival

According to Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, when Brooke Logan learns Ridge Forrester endorses Taylor Hayes’ scheming, she’s furious. She wants Ridge to take her side and put Taylor in her place, but it appears Ridge will not. He supports Taylor, much to Brooke’s extreme annoyance.

However, it’s not like Ridge readily joins in on his ex’s plot to reunite Liam with Steffy and match Hope with Thomas Forrester. While he may let her do what she wants without interfering, he’s not going to actively participate.

This isn’t enough for Brooke, though. She doesn’t want her enemy interfering at all, and would obviously like Ridge to help her stop the lady. B&B spoilers say once Taylor learns Ridge’s thoughts on the matter, it could hamper their relationship.

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.


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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers for April 1-5 Next Week

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