The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers September 14-18 Next Week

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for September 14-18, 2020, reveal Steffy heading further downhill, Finn making a move, and love triangles taking more twists and turns. This is a week you will not want to miss. Steffy’s pill-popping ways go off the rails. Finn said no more scripts, so she takes a much shadier route to get her fix.

She puts a call in to Vinny, who promptly sends over a little present. Finn may have turned down her refill request, but he is not done being her friend. Expect the doc to turn up on more than one occasion and even share a kiss with his favorite patient.

The idea of Steffy moving on sends Liam over the edge, so he decides to check in more often. Unfortunately, he comes over at the exact wrong moment and catches Steffy passed out in a drug-induced stupor. Expect this to cause a parental war like no other!

Spoilers show Liam trying to take charge will not sit well with Thomas. He goes after Liam with a vengeance and lays into him like never before. Thomas is not going to let Liam be married to Hope and try to control Steffy’s life too.

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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers September 14-18 Next Week

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  • Dawn D.

    Very sad they chose to make Sally a con with Quinn who we know deserves what she gets.Show is getting on my nerves…..or I need to quit watching since 14 and I’m 65 1/2. Maybe just burnout.

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