The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers For Tuesday, March 31

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday, March 31, 2020, promise a popcorn-worthy day of damage control and pushy friends. Bill tries to make things right and Quinn attempts to steer Ridge towards real love. Bill and Katie are front row, center in the aftermath of the ‘kissgate’ scandal and it’s as bad as you think.

Katie is furious and realizes she simply cannot trust the people she loves the most. This is not the first time her sister went after Bill and it definitely won’t be the last. Sure, Brooke says it’s over but is it? Of course, Bill swears he never meant for anything to happen in the first place but should Katie believe him?

There is a magnetic attraction between those two and it draws them together over and over. Spoilers show Katie asking all the tough questions as she makes sure Bill feels her wrath. He did a horrible thing and she has had enough. He keeps promising her the world but how can he do that when he can’t even keep his lips to himself?

He is a player and Katie is sick of being in this game. Meanwhile, Quinn’s sits down with Ridge and gives him some sage advice. Forget about Brooke and all her nastiness and start something new. Shauna is sweet, lovely, and dedicated.

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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers For Tuesday, March 31

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