The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers For Wednesday, March 17

Speaking of Hope, the truth may not be enough to save her marriage. She had the great pleasure of breaking the DNA drama news to her husband. However, that task turns into a double-edged sword. He is off the hook as the baby’s father, but his reaction speaks volumes.

Spoilers show Liam doesn’t exactly celebrate. Hope will not miss a beat slinging accusations and asking all the right questions. Did her hubby want another child with his ex? Is he upset he has one less reason to be close with Steffy? Liam better word his answers very, very carefully.

Other than Vinny getting clocked in the face by Finn it looks like so far, he’s gotten off easy. It seems as if he still has his lab job. But that’s only because so far they don’t know what he did. Also, from what is seen on Bold and the Beautiful today, it appears as if no outside interference followed this horrific deed of test tampering… yet.

But B&B spoilers say this is about to change. This ordeal of this paternity test tampering draws-out across a few days worth of Bold and the Beautiful episodes. Fans watched the camera ping-pong on Friday’s show.

The Bold and the Beautiful (BB) airs weekdays on CBS.


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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers For Wednesday, March 17

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