The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers Friday, June 21, 2024

The Bold and the Beautiful, spoilers Friday On the June 21 episode of preview that Sheila Carter makes it known she has definitely not changed. Sheila has a new plot to get back at Steffy for keeping Finn away from her. Does it involve Hope? At the same time, Thomas unexpectedly returns from Paris. Will he have someone new in tow?

Do not miss this surprising episode. As the new Mrs. Deacon Sharpe, Sheila is anything but reformed. She just has a bit more power now with Deacon on her side. Sheila is determined to keep Finn in her life, which means getting rid of his wife, Steffy.

Sheila overheard a piece of gossip that made a lightbulb turn on in her head. Hope “has the hots” for Finn. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Hope was with Finn instead of Steffy? That’s exactly the seed that Sheila planted in Deacon’s head.

Deacon proved to his bride that he will unknowingly follow Sheila’s lead and help her get whatever she wants. Without any advance notice, Thomas returns from Paris to Los Angeles. Is he a changed man? Is it for good or merely a temporary visit? Does he have anyone else with him?

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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers Friday, June 21, 2024

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