The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers : Liam Will Cry

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers Liam Will Cry : Emma will lash out over Thorne’s latest curveball. His decision to hire Zoe won’t go over well. Emma will point out that Zoe targeted her and can’t be trusted. She won’t think her rival will fit in as a Forrester Creations model.

However, Thorne will feel like business has to come first. He’ll think this decision will work out for the company, so he’ll refuse to take back his offer. Later, Emma’s anger will grow stronger. Despite the initial drama Zoe caused, she’ll quickly find a friend at FC. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say Zoe will connect with Pam. They’ll start gabbing about how much they love animals this week.

Steffy reinvents herself, Liam gets down on one knee, and Zoe makes a huge splash at the office. Steffy flexes her muscles and shows off her power as the new Queen of FC. She relaunches the Bedroom line, gets rid of failing projects, and puts herself on the front burner. She plans to make her father proud and have Stephanie beaming from heaven!

New Episode Spoilers and News – Liam Will Cry

While Steffy rises to the ultimate top of the company, Liam and Hope decide to restart their romance. Of course, in true Liam form, a huge rock had to be involved. Teasers say the couple becomes engaged again, but this time Hope’s not as optimistic.

Steffy may say they have her blessing but something just doesn’t feel right. Hope’s waiting for the second shoe to drop and it’s a good thing she does.

The battle of the parents finally slows down (at least for a few days) with Ridge and Brooke getting what they want. Steffy may not have Liam but she has a bright future and her dad couldn’t be more proud. Brooke’s over the moon for Hope and rests easy watching things fall into place.

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