The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers April 6-17 Next 2 Week

The Bold and the Beautiful two-week spoilers April 6-17 see Quinn Fuller frantic as Eric Forrester‘s disgusted with her. Can Quinn save her marriage from collateral damage in the aftermath of the “Bridge” split? Check out these B&B soap opera spoilers for the next two weeks. on CBS daytime. Spoilers reveal Flo Fulton suspects Sally Spectra is emotionally blackmailing Wyatt Spencer.

Watch Flo go to Dr. Escobar with questions about Sally’s illness. Then, she notices something strange with the doc. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers see Flo notices the doctor’s got dress design sketches. She thinks that strange, particularly when Escobar freaks out about it. That puts Flo on high alert. Plus, Zoe Buckingham chats with Steffy Forrester about Sally.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate Bill Spencer blames all his current troubles on Quinn Fuller. If only Quinn hadn’t revealed that video, his life would be great. So, in typical Dollar Bill style, he confronts his baby mama and makes threats. However, Bill is likely the least of her worries on Bold and the Beautiful.

Spoilers say there are ripple effects from the video and Ridge Forrester dumping Brooke Logan. Will Quinn Fuller tell Bill to step off when he comes at her on B&B? Spoilers tell us Flo decides Sally’s asking too much of Wyatt. So, she tells Sally she needs to move out of his place. But, how will Wyatt react when Flo starts bossing around his “dying” ex.

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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers April 6-17 Next 2 Week

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