The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers Next Weeks February 19-23, 2024

The Bold and the Beautiful put Liam Spencer, Zende Forrester, and Eric Forrester in scenes that sickened many fans of the CBS soap. Going into next week, B&B dropped enough clues to suggest where these weird scenes may lead the characters. Fans suggest that Bold and the Beautiful didn’t know where to plug in Liam Spencer this week.

So, they threw him over at FC. There, he could rattle RJ Forrester. Fans see this as B&B saving his character from fading away. Liam showed up and went into what fans suggest is the most asinine conversation to take place at FC in a while. And that says a lot, especially after years of strange words coming from many characters behind those office doors.

Liam Spencer took it upon himself to investigate his father’s new love interest. He’s worried that Poppy Nozawa might have more to her than just a free spirit. So, he looks for RJ’s input on the subject. As one fan suggests, Liam is just protecting his inheritance. It also lets the Bold and the Beautiful fans know he is back on the prowl.

While today Liam barks up Poppy’s tree, he will likely make it over to Hope Logan‘s next week to shake things up there. Zende Forrester sprinted through the front door of Luna Nozawa‘s apartment. He looked apprehensive about what happened the night before. Well, he had good timing. That’s because her mom just came clean with her about the drugs.

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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers Next Weeks February 19-23, 2024

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