The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers : Steffy Wants to Raise Her Child Alone

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers Steffy Wants to Raise Her Child Alone : Wednesday, August 8, 2018, reveal that there is a lot going on in Los Angeles. With the events of the would-be wedding and Liam having another baby on the way. There is a lot that needs to be handled.

Last week, The Bold and the Beautiful fans found out Steffy did not marry Bill. Ridge reveals how proud he is of his daughter in both her private and professional life. With the lingerie line being brought back, there is so much more for her to do at Forrester.

Liam is going to confront his father. He has been caught in limbo for months and now that Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) walked away from marrying Bill. He is ready to have words.

Liam wants to know about Steffy and Kelly and what his intentions were. Despite him not being with her, it looks like the feelings are still there as he focuses on navigating life with Hope.

 New Episode Spoilers and News – Steffy Wants to Raise Her Child Alone

There is plenty left to handle aside from the Liam, Steffy, and Bill drama. With Zoe will not be heading home and that alone is going to bring on another set of drama from another crowd.

Steffy more than they do right now. Seriously, she’s made more amazing decisions in her life the last week or two that we can’t even begin to understand how much she’s been growing as a person. And she’s someone who has been there through thick and thin for Liam . But she told him that she will no longer live her own life as the product of his own indecision.

Hearing her tell him that she’s spent her entire adult life being there and waiting around for him to make a decision about them . Their life together has been too much for him, and he will not be that person to her anymore. She’s finally realized her worth . She’s added tax, and she’s been able to get it together.

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS. You should not miss this amazing and breathtaking episode. Do not forget to share !!!


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