The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers Thursday, April 18, 2024

The Bold and the Beautiful, spoilers On the April 18 episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, spoilers tease that Deacon continues his quest to locate Sheila and prove to everyone that he is not crazy. Has he found some new information or decided to find Sugar? Not convinced by Deacon’s theory, Finn tells Steffy his concerns over Deacon’s state of mind.

This episode may contain key plot twists you don’t want to miss. Deacon started believing what everyone was telling him: that he was going mad in grief. As the image of Sheila’s body with ten toes kept replaying in his head, Deacon poured himself a drink and told himself he was losing his mind.

But then there is the message exchange Deacon found on Sheila’s computer between her and Sugar. Deacon had absolutely no idea who Sugar was. However, he could read that Sugar was bothering his mate, as Sheila told her to leave her alone and never contact her again. He may also remember that she had mysteriously slipped away to see an old friend in Sheila’s final days. It will take more than a few drinks and everyone’s disbelief to keep Deacon from pursuing these clues.

Then, Lauren Fenmore (Tracy Bregman, who shared this news) shows up at Il Giardino with some information that may lead the way. Deacon pushes forward to find out what happened to his love. He will show everyone that Sheila is alive and that he is not insane.

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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers Thursday, April 18, 2024

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