The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Tuesday, August 4 B&B

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday, August 4, 2020 reveal the news of Sally’s dirty deeds spreading. Katie is in for an earth-shattering day when she finds out her big heart was used as part of Sally’s game. The fallout for Sally doesn’t stop with revealing her lies to Wyatt and Flo because what would be the fun in that?

No, it’s going much deeper and going to get much darker in the coming days. Next up is Katie learning the awful truth about her “dying” friend. Flo and Wyatt take the story to Katie and break it all down for her. She was used, abused, and lied to in the worst ways by the town’s soon-to-be most hated designer.

Poor Katie is on for a sudden and complete shock when Wyatt lays all the dirt on the table. Of course, some of this is Katie’s fault too. She was sworn to secrecy from day one and if she had kept her mouth shut, Sally would have lost all her footing. But no, Katie blabbed like Katie always blabs and played right into Sally’s hand.

Meanwhile, Liam and Hope get the house ready for Steffy’s homecoming. There is much to do and much to plan and these two are all in. Steffy wanted an extended family and she’s going to get it!

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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Tuesday, August 4 B&B

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