The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Wednesday, April 10

If her mother says one wrong word, everything could fall apart. Everyone believes that she gave up her baby for adoption to Steffy and thinks she’s a kind soul.

A simple sentence from Shauna could blow her cover. However, it appears she comes clean to her mother. So, Shauna learns Flo’s deep dark secret. Obviously, she begs her mother to take this to the grave. B&B spoilers indicate one little slip-up and the ugly truth comes out. The young woman would be despised instantly.

Bold and the Beautiful: Lots of Mother-Daughter Secrets

Of course, Flo Fulton isn’t the only one keeping secrets in this relationship according to B&B spoilers. As viewers know, Shauna Fulton came to LA quickly after her daughter called her asking about her father. Shauna, didn’t want her to know her real father.

After Shauna’s arrival, things escalated quickly on Bold and the Beautiful. After talking with Quinn Fuller, She and Quinn realize Bill Spencer is a common factor. She truly believes Bill is her daughter’s father.


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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Wednesday, April 10

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