The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers For Friday, September 11 B&B

Ridge lays all the cards on the table and tries to force his dad to have a long, hard look at the state of affairs. Will Ridge help Eric see his wife is a monster? Unfortunately, Eric is blinded by love and refuses to believe Quinn has turned back to the dark side. Eric sees Quinn as a changed woman.

She went from being a schemer and scammer to a lady of the manor during their time together. Yes, she has her flaws. Okay, yes, she despises Brooke. However, Eric just doesn’t see Quinn pulling off quite a devious stunt. It’s too bad he is very, very wrong.

B&B spoilers suggest it’s been too long since Steffy Forrester’s had a man in her arms. Lately, John Finnegan’s been stopping by a lot. While these seem to be house calls, maybe Steffy needs to turn them into booty calls. Finn might be just the guy to help her get her groove back…

And Bold and the Beautiful spoilers also reveal that John Finnegan dropped some pretty obvious hints that he’d like to be more than just her doctor. Right now, though, Steffy’s too caught up in pain and focused on pills to notice the clues he’s dropping. Did you hear them on B&B?

The Bold and the Beautiful (BB) airs weekdays on CBS.


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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers For Friday, September 11 B&B

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