Bold and Beautiful spoilers : Hope’s miscarriage-the truth behind the lie

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers Hope’s miscarriage-the truth behind the lie. Thursday, August 23, 2018, reveal that one relationship may move to the next step whether an outsider likes it or not. Last week, fans saw the fury in Bill’s eyes when he found out Katie was dating Thorne. Of course, that played a role in their night together being ruined.

Thorne was there as Bill decided to bring Will home to crash Katie’s night. She wasn’t going to fight with Bill in front of her son, so he won that round. After telling Katie he loves her, Thorne is about to make a big promise. He is going to tell her that if Bill won’t stand up and take care of his son, he will. Thorne wants to offer himself as a stand-in, hoping this will take a bit of the burden off his lady love.

Meanwhile, Bill is plotting to break up Thorne and Katie. He isn’t keen on the idea of them dating, especially because now that Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) has walked away, he will likely want to fall back on Katie.

Bold And Beautiful Spoilers : Hope’s miscarriage-the truth behind the lie

When Bill is needed to come through for Will, he will be faced with a decision to make. A meeting needs to be taken, but his son needs him. Which decision will he make regarding the more important matter?

Bill hadn’t seen the light while Steffy was pregnant. During that time, somewhere late in her pregnancy, he arrived at the cliff house and badgered Steffy about becoming his wife. She got fed up and threw him out, slamming the front door behind him as he begrudgingly sauntered out.

Wood’s character turned, tripped and fell to the floor. Steffy’s water broke, Liam was contacted, and a rush to the hospital ensued. Thankfully, neither Kelly nor Steffy was hurt and Lope’s baby arrived early.

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