Days Of Our Live Spoilers : Lani miscarriage ?

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Friday, March 30 reveal “Abigail” taking the stand at Gabi’s trial and life will never be the same in Salem again! You won’t want to miss a moment of this explosive episode!

Abigail has not been herself lately, to say the least. She ended up in Hong Kong with Stefan of all people and it freaked her out.While Chad wanted to stay in Hong Kong to search for the Gabi lookalike, Abby had other plans.

She begged him to drop that crusade and instead get her back to Salem on the company jet as soon as possible.Now the time has finally come for “Abigial” to be one of the last witnesses in Gabi’s trial.

Justin has her take the stand in what he thought would be a relatively routine round of questions but instead, while she’s up there, she drops a bombshell nobody ever saw coming. Watch the video for more

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Days of Our Lives Spoilers 3-29-2018


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