Days of our Lives Spoilers May 14-17

Days of our lives spoilers tease that may 14 – 17. In Mexico.Theresa was shocked to see Xander. Because, the hatred between the two. She accused him of rape and he tried to kill her.

Xander can reveal that Victor Has sent him to help her escape the evil place now. It is reasonable that Victor had hired Xander to help Victor plan to harm Deimons. Theresa is quite alert, Theresa feels this the last chance to get free.

They will make a surprising deal, Xander will rech an agrement with Theresa needs and out of Mexico.Alas,Xander would not be willing to save Chole. He will only help Theresa if they go alone,so she will have no choice but to accept the terms of Xander.

So Theresa and Xander will return to Salem while Chloe is still trapped. Maybe Theresa will find Lucas and tell him what is going on with Chloe.

Brady takes out a ring and asks if Eve agrees to marry him. Victor interrupted before she could answer. Victor makes an interesting proposition to get him out of this marriage. However. Brady will not be with Victor. Ido not care about other things. Now Ijust want to have Eve by his side. Watch the video for more.

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Days of our Lives Spoilers : Stefan and Chad will face again.


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