Days Of Our Lives Spoilers : Theresa Gets Bad News

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Thursday, July 19th a reveal of curiosity masked as caring as Claire goes after what she wants. You won’t want to miss a moment of this emotional episode! Claire wants Tripp and wants him bad, so it’s not surprising that she needs to find out exactly where Ciara stands on that front. After all, she needs to be delicate about the situation.

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If she’s not, she could set Ciara off, and that’s the last thing Claire wants to do… especially if she wants to stay on Tripp’s good side. But she can’t just let things happen: She needs to know, because she’s Claire. So, Claire asks Ciara if she’s moving on with Ben. She figures that might be the safer way to go, and it will also help her to see how Ciara currently feels about Tripp. But will she be opening a hornet’s nest by even broaching the subject of Ben ?

Hope is none too happy about the influence Ben has had on her daughter, and she wants to make sure he stays as far away from Ciara as possible.To that end, she and Rafe set out to get the truth about what happened at the cabin. They press Ben to admit he set the fire. Will he buckle under the pressure just to get them to leave him alone?

Theresa will decide to move to California with Tate . Of course, this will bring another setback for Brady. He’ll be called over to bid Tate farewell, so the tears will really start flowing. Brady will think this goodbye feels final, but Theresa and Tate will undoubtedly be back one day. For now, Theresa will thank JJ for everything and take Tate to the airport for their flight.

Theresa thought that she was riding high now that she has sole custody of Tate, a new place to live, and a great friend in JJ . But she is about to receive some devastating news. Kim’s cancer is back, and that news prompts her to leave Salem to be with her mother, just as everything was falling into place and she was reclaiming her life. Continue Reading on the Next Post …

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