Days of Our Lives Spoilers : Kate Mansi will return to the shape of Gabby

Days of our Lives spoilers Kate Mansi will return to the shape of Gabby. Tuesday August 21, 2018 episode of the NBC sudser promise that John’s bachelor party gets way, way out of hand, while a mean, mean, mean lady makes a shocking pop up appearance!

Susan Banks, aka Elvis Jr.’s mother, is back in town and seeking redemption for her dirty deeds. Can Will find it in his heart to forgive her for kidnapping and drugging him? That remains to be seen. Maybe the better question is, will Sami run into the vixen and serve up a hot side of justice for her boy?

John has a crazy, fantastic, swinging bachelor party. Until it isn’t! What in the world happens to threaten the timing of his wedding to Doc? It’s a bit complicated! Let’s just say that you definitely do not want to the miss bombshell antics that John and his buddies must deal with.

DOOL Spoilers & News : Kate Mansi will return to the shape of Gabby

Marlena already has some pre-wedding jitters. In addition to all the premonitions and “signs” such as the time John walked in while she was trying on her wedding dress she’s dealing with everyone else’s problems, too.

Ah, the life of a psychiatrist.On Tuesday, John has a bachelor party to celebrate his last night of freedom, but there’s an unforeseen incident that threatens to derail the wedding.

This is on top of the strange wedding gift they’ve already received in the mail. Who is behind it all? Marlena’s bachelorette party will also feature two surprise guests. There’s literally a who’s who of who might be the ones to show up but our money is on Belle being one of the first through the door. Now, what’s happening with Sami nobody yet knows. Still, don’t expect to see her until the actual wedding day.

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