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For Monday Days of Our Lives spoilers, June 11th reveal new hope for Sonny, and that Will wants to make sure Sonny knows what’s been going on in his life. You’re not going to want to miss a moment of this emotional episode!

Will has been struggling with whether or not he should risk his life to get his memories back, but the frustration he’s had with not remembering his past has pushed him into taking a chance. While Paul has had reservations about it, Will knows one person who will support him fully, so he tells Sonny there’s a chance he could get his memory back.

Considering all Sonny can be dealing with, that is sure to become one bright spot pertaining to him. After all, it’ll give him renewed wish that perhaps 1 day he and Will will get their way back again to one another. Of course , that is precisely what Paul fears. Jennifer stops simply by to discover JJ and is less-than-pleased to understand Theresa is coping with JJ.

She knows the type of problems Theresa has gone to her son previously which mama bear isn’t shy about letting her son know precisely what she thinks of his latest generosity. Watch the video for more.

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