Days of Our Lives Spoilers : Abigail is shocked to see Chad

Days of Our Lives Spoilers Abigail is shocked to see Chad Wednesday, August 8 promise a day of reveals in Salem that will change your favorites’ lives forever. You won’t want to want to miss a moment of this dramatic episode!

Ben refuses to believe he could ever hurt Ciara, but he has Rafe and Hope berating him left and right, trying to get him to admit that he set the fire.Ben got so desperate, he asked Marlena of all people for help. He wanted her to hypnotize him so he could know for sure if he blocked anything out.

Well, now Ben seeks out his friend so he can tell Ciara he remembers everything that happened the night of the fire. Will what he says do anything to make Ciara feel differently about Ben? Hope feels like she’s fighting a losing battle with Ciara’s insistence on being kind to such a dangerous man.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers – Abigail is shocked to see Chad

More than anything, Hope wants Ben out of her daughter’s life and is willing to go to great lengths to see that happen.She tries getting Marlena to recommend Ben be recommitted. Considering the last time she asked Marlena to fudge things to keep Ben locked up didn’t go so well, you’d think she’d have learned her lesson. Or will Marlena surprise us?

Gabi may claim she wants to be closer to Ari so she can patch things up. That plan will likely work out, but it won’t be the real reason Gabi wants to move in. She’ll mainly just want to get closer to Chad. Days of Our Lives spoilers say Gabi will do just that, so Abigail isn’t going to be happy!

When Abigail hears that Chad and Gabi are under the same roof, she’ll naturally be concerned. Abigail trusts Gabi on some level, but she also knows her “friend” has a history with Chad. She’ll hold out hope for a “Chabby” reunion, so she may worry that Gabi will get in the way.

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC. Do not forget the watch new episodes of Dool never. Spectacular developments wait you. Do not forget to share !!!


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