Days of Our Lives Spoilers : Andre come back

Days of Our Lives Spoilers : Andre come back Ciara does the unthinkable, and invites Ben to come live with the gang in their loft. This shocking move infuriates Tripp, who can’t believe she would do something like this.

Not only that, Tripp questions Ciara’s motives for this invite. She’s already pulled away from kissing him because she was thinking of Ben. Is this latest move signaling that she wants to end things with Tripp in favor of Ben?!

Will and Sonny continue to worry about how they’re going to pay off Ted’s blackmail threat as he holds Leo’s death over their heads.Will then gets an idea, and exposes Ted’s scheme to his grandmother; Ted’s girlfriend.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers – Andre come back

Kate is furious that he would do that to her grandson whom she promised to always protect and confronts her lover.She tells him to choose the money or her. Later, a furious Kate pulls a gun on Ted!

Meanwhile, Paul accuses Sonny of having an affair with Will, and later he confronts his lover about the lies he has been telling him. Is Will going to finally tell Paul the truth about what happened with Leo?

Abigail is still stinging from her confrontations with Stefan when she finds Chad sharing a close moment with Gabi, who continues to manipulate the pair.Eve and Jennifer have a showdown, and it leaves Jennifer tempted to confess all to Eric about Nicole.

Eve has to live up to her part of the bargain, and she encourages Brady to forgive Victor.Steve continues to want to know his wife’s secret, and breaks into Kayla’s phone to get answers.

Poor Kayla reluctantly helps Stefan as Steve has a surprise for Adrienne (Judi Evans). Elsewhere, Hope (Kristian Alfonso) is furious when she learns Ben hasn’t left town.

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