Days of our Lives Spoilers for Monday, May 20 DOOL

He and his partner have a grand scheme to come away with everything they could ever want. Speaking of his partner, just wait until you find out who that is! Their ID will finally be revealed in a shocking twist you will not want to miss. This massive bombshell will change everything!

Ted Laurent Is Hope’s Rebound Man – Nothing More

Hope Brady finds herself newly single on Days of Our Lives. She wastes no time getting back into the dating scene with Ted Laurent. However, the truth remains that she is no position emotionally to be dating this soon after her divorce.

But, it seems Ted Laurent is only be a distraction. Hope avoids confronting the mess she’s made of her love life by hanging out with Ted. So, he got his wish by eliminating her husband. However, there really is not a future them. Hope’s on the rebound and Ted Laurent is nothing more than a placeholder for the man meant to be with her.

Hope Brady needs to be single for a while on DOOL. Not long after her late husband Bo Brady’s death, she and Rafe started their romance. Perhaps the former commissioner should take time to do some soul-searching before looking for another man to share her life.

Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC.


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Days of our Lives Spoilers for Monday, May 20 DOOL


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