Days of Our Lives Spoilers : Paul faces death

Days of Our Lives spoilersPaul faces death.  August 27 – 31 promise Salem will never be the same now that Sami is back and causing her signature brand of trouble! You won’t want to miss a moment of this dramatic week!

All hell breaks loose at the wedding as John is horrified to see that Marlena’s been shot. Sami is reeling after Kristen tells her that EJ is alive but then Kristen takes Claire hostage.

Rafe takes Sami into custody, which leads a major showdown with Hop. something that should be the last thing Rafe wants. She must get free because by the end of the week, Paul and Sami’s confrontation with Kristen takes a horrific turn.

But before all of that goes down, Kristen continues to wreak havoc. She has Claire but reaches out to Brady and reveals she has someone he loves and later gives him a deadly ultimatum. Apparently, Kristen thinks that’s a great way to get a guy in the mood because she then tries to seduce Brady.

DOOL Spoilers & News : Paul faces death

After discovering that he’s MIA, Paul goes in search of his brother. Eve then finds her fiancé and Kristen in a compromising position. Somehow Sami and Paul get involved and it all goes to hell.

Hell is exactly where John is as everyone gathers to wait for Marlena to come out of surgery. John is distraught at the possibility of losing Marlena on their wedding day, but takes some comfort that he is able to lean on best buddy Steve for support.

Will has his memories and his feelings, but he’s keeping it secret from Paul. Meanwhile, Sonny (Freddie Smith) shares his good fortune with Adrienne. Will then makes a big decision about his future.

As she comforts Eric, a guilty Jennifer decides to come clean about what happened with Nicole, but of course, we’ve heard that before. Will she really do it this time? Also, Doug and Julie make a shocking discovery at the club!

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