General Hospital Spoilers 3-20-2018 : Mike’s Shocking News

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday, March 20 promise another day in suspense in Port Charles as Liz and Sam do their best to find their men.

After finding Drew’s wedding ring in Jim Harvey’s hotel room, Sam decides to stick to the man like glue. Being the private investigator she was and still is deep down inside, this bears fruit as she finds an even bigger clue than the ring.

Of course, Liz is a little skeptical of Sam and decides the police are the best people to handle this To that end, she looks to Jordan for help and Jordan certainly wants to get this guy–for MANY reasons, the least of which is election tampering, fracking, and an earthquake.

Jim Harvey better watch out because between all these women wanting blood, he may not be long for Port Charles. Watch the video for more !!!

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General Hospital Spoilers 3-19-2018


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