General Hospital Spoilers Next Week 3-5-18

While it seems strange for an earthquake to occur in Upstate New York, it’s happened to PC before. And, when you have a dastardly real estate developer digging way deeper underground than he should (fracking, perhaps?), it becomes more logical.

And your favorite PC pals have to suffer. Sam is at the Q mansion with Jason when the quake hits and she wants to get out of there and get to Drew. Ever the chivalrous one, Jason agrees to help, but then he’s put in a dangerous position on the way.

By the end of the week, Sam is once again re-evaluating her life and deciding what the next step is to take.Franco  was with Jim Harvey  when the quake hit and Jim wants out of there as fast as he can, so he leaves Franco for dead. Watch the video for more !!!

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