General Hospital Spoilers 5-2-2018

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, May 2 reveal a day of heated confrontations and lowered expectations. You won’t want to miss a moment of this emotional episode.

For Ava, lying comes instinctively so why would she tell Griffin how she actually came to an “agreement” with Sonny ? All she had to do was make herself sound altruistic, but she didn’t count on Sonny keeping his mouth shut.

Now, Griffin knows exactly how she got joint custody of Avery and is horrified. He confronts the woman he lives with and demands to know why she lied. He also can’t believe she would use an old man’s health just to get her way, but he doesn’t know Ava–and he also doesn’t know her counterparts, Carly and Sonny.

However, Ava always manages to make herself look good for Griffin and he forgives everything he knows about her.Will he forgive this one, though? After all, he’s holding a secret as well and it has to do with Henrik Faison.Watch the video for more.

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