Bold and Beautiful Spoilers : Hope will be in big trouble, she will miscarry

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers Hope will be in big trouble. September 10-14 reveal a week that changes everything. Hope loses out on her career dreams, Brooke turns to an ex for comfort, and Thorne asks Katie a question that will change their lives.

It’s Steffy for the win, and she couldn’t be happier. She’s ready to leave all the drama with Hope in the dust and move forward with her career. She gets right back to work creating the sexiest and most stunning Intimates line Forrester Creations has ever seen.

It’s no surprise that not everyone’s happy about this turn of events. In fact, Brooke gets downright miserable after her husband’s choice. She sees it as an act of revenge and throws her daughter’s misery in Ridge’s face every chance she gets.

Her marriage woes even start to lead her down a dark road. Spoilers reveal she turns to Bill for a shoulder to lean on. Between her fragile relationship and his shattered dad-ego, the two get closer than they should. Will history repeat itself by the exes crossing one too many lines?

Bold And Beautiful Spoilers : Hope will be in big trouble, she will miscarry

If that love triangle doesn’t heat up more, don’t worry, there’s still another one in full swing. Xander has his hands full with Emma and Zoe. Teasers show Zoe’s still not over her ex and ready to pull out all the stops to get him back.

Emma better watch her back because Zoe watches her every move and creates a seduction plan that just might work. She knows what Xander likes, is sure she has what he needs, and can’t wait to show him she’s the woman of his dreams!

Spoilers promise it’ll be a big week for Katie , between her pending custody battle and a grand, romantic gesture from Thorne . Her boyfriend wants to become more than casual lovers – a lot more. He wants to make Katie his wife.

Katie will be reluctant at first, especially when Thorne brings up the custody suit as a reason to rush down the aisle. However, a proclamation of undying love is all she needs to grab that ring and run straight into his arms.

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS. You should not miss this amazing and breathtaking episode. Do not forget to share !!!


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