Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers : Zoe Confronts Flo, Know The Truth

Zoe confronts float know the truth Bold and the beautiful spoilers some spoilers reveal to us that. Zoe will meet Flo when she suspects her father is hiding a scam plan. After recent strange expressions. Zoe doubts her father is hiding something from her and whether after meeting float Zoe will find out something Shady.

After suspecting his father Zoe will go to his room to ask him however it is surprising that. Zoe met Flo there and then Zoe realized that Flo was extremely panicked because of what she did she had strange expressions and Zoe began to suspect. Flo and from doubt Zoe switched the confrontation and asked. Flo about what happened and one more thing some spoilers have revealed that Reese will leave LA.

He said this to Taylor before and it looks like Reese will immediately leave when he gets the money. therefore so he has only one person left to find out the truth it is Flo. Watch the video for more !!!

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers 1-31-2019


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