The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers : New Couple Wyatt & Hope

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers : New Couple Wyatt & Hope. Suggest that Steffy Forrester wants what is hers and she is ready to claim it. If that means Hope Logan and Liam Spencer suffer in the process, so be it.

Cliffhangers from the show last week pave the way for a drastic change in Steffy’s attitude when it comes to Liam and Hope. B&B spoilers describe how this is first seen when Steffy basically strong-armed her father to pick her Intimates line over Hope for the Future.

Steffy Forrester is tormented by watching Hope Logan with the man who should be “her husband,” which is what she told Ridge last week. If Hope’s line becomes the highlight of Forrester Creations, this means Steffy’s lost it all to Hope. Hope might have walked away with Steffy’s husband but the top spot at FC doesn’t look like it’s in the cards for Hope.

Bold And Beautiful Spoilers : New Couple Wyatt & Hope

Despite Ridge Forrester’s claim that this decision is based on business only, his choice doesn’t show this. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint that he picks Steffy’s line despite Hope’s line already financially sound. This leads to a battleground at Forrester Creations as the episodes play out this week. If Steffy’s line is the new top line at FC this means Hope’s line is on the back burner. It looks as if Hope for the Future is already one step out the door.

The debacle over the designer lines of Steffy and Hope has just about everyone at FC taking sides this week. Tempers are on high and Steffy finds herself defending her father’s choice from those around her. Steffy’s title bout takes place with Hope as the week plays out. With that said, Bold and the Beautiful spoilers promise a Hope-Steffy battle of epic proportions.

With Steffy’s win at work, now there’s something she may attempt to reclaim for her infant daughter at home. Soap Central’s B&B spoilers suggest that Liam is thrown into turmoil when it comes to Hope and Steffy. His visits with baby Kelly Forrester-Spencer may not be as easy as they once were.

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  • Theresa

    I am so sick of all this back and forth crap please leave Hope and Liam together. After all Steffy is pregnant in real life how is she gonna be with Liam? These writers must be reading scripts from other soaps.

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