The Bold and Beautiful Spoilers : Steffy Kills Hope’s Career

The Bold and Beautiful spoilers Steffy Kills Hope’s Career also offer a quick wedding and a trio of families called to a courtroom battle. Katie Logan and Thorne Forrester get married but Katie questions Thorne’s agenda before the big day.

If you thought Steffy Forrester and Hope Logan were in each other’s face this week, just wait and til next week. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers have Steffy feeling her oats when it comes to her co-CEO position. She continues to hide behind that like a badge. Steffy rationalizes her devious payback as “what’s best for the business.” Hope is paying for her marriage.

Steffy continues to poke at Hope Logan through Forrester Creations by dismantling ‘Hope for the Future’ a little at a time. This week Hope lost two members of her team, as Steffy found positions for them within her Intimates line. Next week, Steffy Forrester lands a few more jabs aimed at Hope, according to the Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

Bold And Beautiful Spoilers : Steffy Kills Hope’s Career

B&B spoilers have Bill Spencer seeing a hidden agenda when it comes to Thorne’s marriage to Katie. He believes he knows exactly what this wedded bliss is all about when it comes to Thorne next week. Furthermore, something that Katie sees plants a similar thought in her mind as well.

The wedding event is quickly whipped into place as the custody case is about to open in court. With help from the family members that give this union their blessing, the wedding is pulled together. As next week rolls around all the ducks are in a row for Katie to become Mrs. Thorne Forrester.

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS. You should not miss this amazing and breathtaking episode. Do not forget to share !!!


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