The Bold and the Beautiful Friday October 5

The Bold and the Beautiful Friday October 5

The Bold and the Beautiful Friday October 5 focus on the aftermath. Bill’s courtroom loss and the secret that made it all happen! Bill continues his mission to fix his life by having a meeting with Ridge and Brooke. Bill’s a broken man and having to turn to an enemy is his lowest low. He needs a favor from them and hopes Ridge can put any bad blood aside for the greater good.

It’s no surprise Brooke’s more than happy to help Bill out. She was on his side during the whole custody ordeal so why change now? Shockingly, Ridge also says yes. But, it’s not without some snickering, snide remarks, and ulterior motives.

Ridge loves seeing Bill down and out and takes great pleasure from watching him wallow. His mean streak will go one step too far and set off alarms with his wife.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers : The Bold and the Beautiful Friday October 5

Brooke’s sure something’s up and she’s dead set on getting to the bottom of things. Ridge is far too smug about the whole custody case and it’s rubbing her the wrong way. In true Brooke form, she starts snooping.

Well, she sure does find the motherlode when she catches on to Ridge’s meeting with the judge. It doesn’t take a genius to put the rest of the pieces together and figure out exactly what went down.

It’s her husband’s fault Bill lost custody of his son. Brooke’s blood will boil as she realizes Ridge is still the manipulative monster she divorced all those years ago. He hasn’t changed not even one little bit.continue reading on the next page —>

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The Bold and the Beautiful Friday October 5

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